About Us

About Us

Founded in 2012, GenSE Sdn Bhd, initially started off as a healthcare related company but we switch to providing information technology solution in 2020.

Our Services

Awesome Services

Customised IT Solutions for any types of Industry

We are committed to supplying IT products and solutions that are based on your needs.

Ensuring your business runs with the latest technology for best security & productivity practice

Onsite Support

We are an IT Service provider that has an existing network of techni- cians that can support localised IT challenges and help manage different areas of an organization's IT solution, including break/fix support, assistance with special IT projects, and more.

Excellent Customer Service

Keep relationship and maintain continuous communication with our clients to know their IT needs and how we can assist in any way. We offer After Sales services by giving Professional and Technical Advice to keep in good condition all the IT Products used by our customer

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